BountyandCove is an up-and-coming fashion retailer based in Manchester, UK. We are a dynamic, trendy and bold company who aim to provide our customers with trendsetting clothing at a modest price tag.

Initially BountyandCove started in 2011 as a word of mouth business in Barbados. Following this we undertook market trading and also opened a small retail store in Jamaica. We successfully traded for three years before we opted to bring the business closer to home to the UK and started selling on eBay. Branching out from our eBay shop, we decided to create our own online retail store in early 2016.

BountyandCove strives to bring cutting edge, stylish and affordable clothing to our customers globally as we believe that everyone deserves to look good.

Our Mission

BountyandCove’s mission is the provision of contemporary garments at prices to suit everyone’s pocket. From high end boutique clothing, urban streetwear, casual clothing to pieces that add swagger to our customer’s style. We aim to be intuitive, anticipating and recognising changes in fashion and attitudes in clothing tastes. By keeping abreast of changing styles, we want to represent, through our products, those who love styling and looking good. We will ensure, that our customers get value for their money, wearing clothes, made to reflect the lives of the now generation.